Judge Chauvin

“I think most people most of the time are trying to do what they think is ‘right’…”                -Judge McKay Chauvin

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No trial today.


S.M.A.R.T. Probation

“It’s the difference between simply monitoring and actively modifying behavior.”                 -Judge McKay Chauvin

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Through the magic of the wide wide world of interwebnet technology you have landed on the website for Division 8 of the Jefferson Circuit Court.  Maybe it was on purpose, or maybe you were searching for “Circus Camp” and just typo’d your way here.  Either way, I hope you find this site to be interesting and, more importantly, useful.  People seem to especially appreciate the court Docket feature (which is updated in real time) and the Tell It To The Judge page (which is essentially an anonymous e-suggestion box) .  This is a genuinely interesting job and I am genuinely interested in doing it well.  To that end, I spend a lot time thinking about the role judges play within the justice system; our system of government; and our society as a whole.   If you are interested in what I think, here is a link to a series of essays I have written sharing my View From the Bench.