Tell it to The Judge

“Most people most of the time are trying to do what they think is “right”. That’s true even, or maybe especially, when those people happen to be lawyers or judges, and the right they are trying to do is being done in the courtroom.” – Judge McKay Chauvin



I take my responsibility to do the right thing very very sincerely. This is true not only with respect to the decisions I make as to how the law and/or rules apply in a particular case, but also with respect to the decisions I make as to how to manage the Division 8 docket.

I, being mostly human, do not always get it right nor do I have the great idea market cornered. The best I can do is the best I can do. However, you can help my best be better by sharing your thoughts through this website.TELL IT TO THE JUDGE 2


You will not hurt my feelings by telling me what you honestly think. I will take your suggestions seriously and will try to address the issues you bring to my attention in both word – by responding to them on this website – as well as in deed.




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Telephone: 502.595.4294

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“Does this really work?  Who does it forward to?”

Apparently.  It goes to me after it gets screened for ex-parte communications.  Then I write something insightful and brilliant in response and post it here.  –M. Chauvin

Why not open up your literary corner to comments and submissions from the general public?”

I don’t know.  Why not?  Please feel free to send comments and suggestions. -M. Chauvin

“Can you try and make your puzzle page a little more chanllenging … it would greatly help attorneys pass the time while you rhapsodize about your trial calendar … just sayin’?”

Not ex-parte.  Semi-constructive while both kind of mean and kind of funny.  Well played!  Yes, I am more than a little obsessed with the trial calendar, and yes I do tend to go on and on about it at Motion Hour in the hope that people will stop making motions for trial dates before they’ve done any discovery, discussed settlement or been to mediation.  Until then, I will try to make the puzzles more engrossing for those who heard me the first few hundred times. -M. Chauvin