Cherie Quick: Secretary

Cherie is the secretary here in Division 8. She is the third person to hold that position. The two who preceded her both disappeared under mysterious circumstances, I can’t imagine where they went and, on advice of counsel, can’t talk about it until the statute of limitations has run. Cherie’s main job is to take the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong here. She does a great job. She is way way nicer and way way more thoughtful than the rest of us. She spends a lot of her time processing the ridiculous number of Orders I write as part of our e-Order project wherein we send all of our Opinions and Orders out electronically. This saves time, paper, and money, but is a one-way e-street. As such Cherie will not accept pleadings or correspondence by return e-mail that should be filed or e-filed. While she won’t yell at you about it (and will assume that it is somehow her fault), she will not pass whatever you sent her on to me. Otherwise, please feel free to call her anytime you have a question or concern about anything. The telephone number is 502.595.4294.

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