Derek Woodmore: Deputy Sheriff

Derek is the keeper of the peace and the maintainer of order in our court. He is tasked with keeping the docket moving by shepherding prisoners to and from the jail and in and out of the courtroom, as well as herding lawyers from wherever they are (somewhere in or near the courthouse) to where they’re supposed to be (at counsel table in Division 8). He is also in charge of the care and feeding of the jury when we are in trial. He is as easy going as a guy who spent twenty-five (25) years as a police officer, fourteen (14) of which were on the fabled Jefferson County Police Department, could possibly be. As such, you should not hesitate to ask him for help. Please know, however, that if you lounge on the furniture or chew gum in the courtroom, or talk while we’re on the record, he will cloud up and rain all over you and then hold you down and drown you in the resulting puddle.

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