S.M.A.R.T. Probation


Kentucky has the highest per capita prison population in the Country in part because the traditional approach to probation has failed so miserably.  S.M.A.R.T. Probation is designed to improve a probationer’s chances for success by helping them to change their behavior.

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The Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project (JCUP)

JUDGE ROY BEANThe days in which lawyers could effectively try cases using nothing more than a stentorian voice, a magic marker and a flip chart are gone. Times have changed. Jurors have changed.  JCUP is building courtrooms that make twenty-first century communication possible.

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Electronic Orders


We send out an average of thirty-one (31) orders per day here in Division 8. That’s one-hundred and fifty-five (155) orders per week. Six-hundred and twenty (620) orders per month. Seven-thousand-four-hundred and forty (7,440) orders per year.  How much does all that cost?  Next to nothing.

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Intern/Extern Program


It’s easy for grizzled courthouse veterans to forget just how intimidating a place this place can be. Our Intern/Extern Program (a/k/a “The Div. 8 College of Judicial Knowledge”)allows students to peek behind the justice curtain so as to both demystify and promote the important work that gets done in the courthouse .

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