LADDER“I invented the internet down in my parents’ basement in the summer of 1974.” – Judge McKay Chauvin


We generate an average of thirty-one (31) orders per day here in Division 8.  That’s one-hundred and fifty-five (155) orders per week.  Six-hundred and twenty (620) orders per month.  Seven-thousand-four-hundred and forty (7,440) orders per year.

The costs associated with mailing out that much correspondence is correspondingly enormous!  In 2009 I made the executive … actually the judicial … decision to send out all orders electronically.

@We have, as a result, $aved over $5,000 per year on postage, paper and envelopes; substantially decreased the wear and tear on our lowest-bidder government-issue copiers; and substantially increased the amount of time available to courtroom personnel to spend doing the other 999,999 things they are underpaid to do.


Counsel should make sure that their current  E-MAIL ICON address is on file in Division 8.