Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project (JCUP)

Whereas traditionally the plan seems to have been to build the courtroom of yesterday tomorrow, JCUP has committed to building the courtroom of tomorrow… today.”  – Judge McKay Chauvin


The days in which lawyers could effectively try cases using nothing more than a stentorian voice, a magic marker and a flip chart are gone.  Times have changed.  Jurors have changed.  A steadily increasing percentage of those jurors have come of age in the multi multi information age.

STAR TRECK 3Jurors of this “millennial generation” listen and learn differently than the generations who preceded them.

Unfortunately, our courtrooms were neither designed nor equipped to speak their language … to talk how they listen.

JCUP SIGNIn November of 2010, we started the Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project (“JCUP”)  as the necessary first step in bridging the current communication / generation gap by installing a state-of-the-art user-friendly audio-visual presentation system in every Circuit Court courtroom in Jefferson County.

The prototype of this system was installed in Division 8 in August of 2012.  It is … AMAZING ! It allows 21st century lawyers and litigants to effectively communicate with 21st century jurors.

DIAGRAMThe all-digital system includes two (2) ceiling-mounted projectors, a second projection screen on the wall opposite the jury box, interactive touch-screen monitors at counsel table and on the witness stand, a high-resolution document camera, built-in inputs for laptops/IPads, etc., and WI-Fi.

The system makes the presentation of photographs, charts, diagrams,  documents and video-recorded testimony to the jury just as easy and effective as it should be.  It also allows counsel to illustrate their opening statements and closing arguments in a manner that allows for maximum persuasive advantage.

COURTROOMBy design (and of necessity in the absence of any available state funding) this $850,000 project is being funded entirely through private donations from leaders in the local legal community.  If you would like help us build the best courtrooms the country, please contact Patrick Michael at .

 We appreciate your support!